The Notification of switching services under CSCL brand to COSCON operating system

Dear customers:

Pursuant to the lease agreement entered into by China COSCO Holdings Company Limited (“China COSCO”) and China Shipping Container Lines Company Limited (“CSCL”), we communicated with our customers, partners and other related parties about the changes and the transition has been proceeding smoothly.

System integration of South East Asia services under COSCON and CSCL brand have been officially started from 15th May. 2016, and South East Asia service under CSCL brand has been switched to COSCON operating system smoothly.

Then, in order to optimize the process and provide better services to our customers, we will start the system integration of the rest services from June 15, the original services under CSCL brand will be switched to the new operating system. After the switch, COSCON will issue a unified format of bill of lading, and will also provide a unified and optimized service for the booking, container pick-up / returning, invoicing etc. The switch plans (foreign trade services start from Far East outbound voyages) are as follows:

From June 15,       Africa service, South America East Coast service;

From June 27,       Domestic service;

From July 18,        Transpacific service;

From July 25,        Europe service (including TAS), (Atlantic service starts from the eastbound voyage);

From August 1,    Middle East service, South America West Coast service, Australia service, Japan and South Korea service and the rest services.

Since the switch voyages mainly start from the Far East outbound, the first switch voyages for most other regions will be the return voyage of specified voyages. In order to ensure the switch carry out smoothly and in an orderly fashion, we have set up a detailed table of switch voyages, and our agents around the world will also provide a Customer Guideline as well. You will be contacted by your account manager or our local agent regarding the switch details soon.

We are confident that the integration of the operating system will greatly improve overall performance and efficiency of COSCON and, as a result, we will also be able to provide superior and value-added service to you. We will maintain best service quality and business continuity during the switch period. Any changes and/or updates will be communicated promptly.

Any questions/inquiries regarding the business integration, please contact your account manager or send an email to and we will follow up with the person responsible and reply ASAP.

Thank you for your support, as always.